HLK Design is an interior decoration and designing company in Noida. The team members are an expert in providing interior decoration services. From the crowd of interior designers in Delhi HLK provides you the best services. Apart from decorating your home or office our team members are experienced in working for many large scale projects also. From interior decoration to architectural planning, we provide a wide range of services. The team members work with full excitement and enthusiasm for any project.

Few services we provide are:-

  • Interior design

    The interior designs done by our firm are inspiring and lively. The area allotted to the team is used effectively with full planning. The proper use of space is given more importance than the decorations.

  • Architectural Planning

    Every new place requires a new architecture. Whatever be the size of the place the team members try their best to utilize the space in a better way. The design is according to the taste of the client.

  • Professional Design

    The design of the area is according to the requirement of the area. A mall is designed in a way it should be, and a room is decorated in a different way. In this field also, designing the area is more important than decorating it.

  • Landscape Design

    Landscape Design is a clear example of the creativity of our team. Landscape is one of the most renowned designs offered by the team. The design is inspired by the calmness of the nature and the natural landscapes. The team of HLK design combines the ideas from the nature with the design, and the result is beautiful.

  • Urban Design

    Urban Design deals with proper understanding of buildings, transport systems and public places. It gives a good form, shape and character to the city. The buildings are built in a better manner even the neighborhood is planned properly. Connecting the city with the neighborhood areas is also an important matter of concern for the designers.

  • Green Building Design

    Green Building Design involves planning the green buildings in a way so that the environment is not hampered. The structures being worked upon on this project are greener, and there is no impact of the buildings on the greenery of the environment or on human health. The main focus of this project is building the structures with the use of natural materials. The final structure is environment-friendly.
    Our services will be available for you within the alloted time. We are available for you 24*7. Hence, you can contact us at any point of time for hiring us. The price we charge for the services we provide is quite reasonable. So, hire us since we are one of the top commercial interior designers in Delhi.

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