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HLK Designs pulls off another masterpiece in its collection of brilliance. Everyone thinks of designing their houses, office, hospitals, etc. lavishly to sustain and work in style. Ever wondered about a building which is self-sustainable? People used to say, there are three basic necessities of a homo sapiens: food, cloth, and shelter. In the 21st century, there’s four – money! It pays your bills – whatever it be, electricity, water, food, etc.

Imagine how pleasant it would be if your necessities are cut down to three again, in this century! Yes, we can do it. Green buildings can sustain themselves,and they do not require your hard-earned bucks to be looked after at. How about living in a house which is installed with posh decoration and also makes its own electricity, water, and food?

Everything is possible if you believe in a change.

And we do believe – to change!

Green Buildings are designed to be self-sufficient and cost-effective with no adverse effect on the environment whatsoever right from its planning, designing, construction, operation, maintenance, and death. This requires a brilliant team of designers, constructors, engineers, architects, and we efficiently provide the same to our clients along with a life-long durable, comfortable and hustle-free living experience emphasizing upon four things: -

  • Cost-effective use of natural resources viz., water, electricity and gas
  • Improving lifestyle, quality of work, efficiency and way of living
  • Reducing waste production and proper management of waste
  • Maintaining a greener and cleaner surrounding for improved health
Investment, Costs, Payoffs and Benefits

You must be thoughtful that life is not a bed of roses. If it sounds nice, it must also cost high. Well, we, an interior designer company in Delhi, can assure you it is quite affordable for the perks we promise are worth it. And when it comes to promises, we make sure we keep it quite well. We can assure you, it is a one-time investment.

  • Life Assessment – Helps you maintain the socio-economic and environmental aspects of your life
  • Energy efficiency – Solar panels to make its own energy to produce electricity
  • Water efficiency – Rainwater harvesting and proper conservation of water
  • Indoor living – Lavish living standards with proper ventilated, well-lit rooms
  • Materials efficiency – Kitchen garden and forest wood
  • Waste reduction – Biogas production facility, maintenance of waste, landfills and compost areas.

Why us?

A curious and sub-conscious mind of a client always asks this – why should I pay this particular company?
Well, every company comes with ideas. And ideas are bulletproof! Your vote-of-trust to us isn’t just a deal. We as an interior designer in Delhi are confident that we make planned use of your money to provide you a life you always wanted.

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Team of dedicated workers
  • Understanding business and management
  • Care about the work

Companies make their own reputations, and we have a reputation to maintain. We are one of the top commercial interior designers Delhi andjust work relentlessly to stay the same.

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